As I child I was curious about everything and very early I developed interest for science topics. At home my dad and me used to make experiments together. I still remember the camera obscura thet we made from a shoe box.

Later on I studied Chemistry and Maths at University and I had the opportunity to work in several labs, among others at the Scientific Parc in Barcelona and, recently, researching in the field of Neuroscience at the Charité.

My other passion has always been sharing the acquired knowledge. I already started teaching during my school years. Later I combined my work in the lab with my job as a private teacher and also at University. In Barcelona I founded my first, small private tuition school. My pupils had grown up and now they were university students in Chemistry, Maths and some other related disciplines.

In my previous work with children I regretted quite often, that I just could answer their questions in a theoretical way. Thus, I founded ENTDECKUM – the Lab for kids, to give children the opportunity to experiment by themselves, through the Science courses and workshops. In this way I try to answer their questions and awake the scientific curiosity in them.