Science course: “Water and other liquids” (4-6 years old) Starting Sep 27th

Wasser und andere Flüssigkeiten

Water and other liquids

What does salt have to do with ice cream?
Do liquids always mix with each other?
Can water be separated from water and when does it make sense?
How strongly are water particles connected together?
Do liquids also have a skin?
What is osmosis?Through exciting experiments we will answer these and other questions and reveal the secrets of liquids.
Materials will be provided.
Duration: 4 sessions (60 min/each). (Thursdays 4:30 -5:30 pm)
Sessions: September 27th, October 4th, 11th and 18th.
The number of participants is limited.
Price: 70 €
Language: English
at the lab, phone 030 40576898 or Email